Graduation Update

Graduation Update

We wanted to write and give you an update on our plans for end of year celebrations for our seniors. Originally Governor Roy Cooper closed K-12 schools in all 115 districts in mid-March for two weeks, then extended his executive order through May 15.  As of April 24th, North Carolina’s public school buildings will not won’t reopen this school year but remote learning will continue.
Caps & Gowns will be distributed at the school on May 18th

Yearbooks will be distributed at the school on May 26th.  

It has become very difficult to plan prom with all of the changes with securing flexible vendors, and venues.  We have spoken with the class officers and their preference is to cancel the prom.  They feel confident that they will arrange other celebrations at a later date.  The Officers wanted the focus to remain on graduation.  Refunds for the prom will be given out on May 18th as well.  Refunds can be issued to the individuals whom money was receipted for.  If your student would like to purchase a yearbook, we can give priority to seniors and use prom funds to cover the cost of the yearbook for those who have paid and desire to have the money moved for that purpose.

We plan to have graduation the first week in August, which would be around August 7th.  Times will  be determined depending on the date selected.

We want to thank you all for your patience and support of our students during this tough time.  These are not easy decisions for us.  Our students have worked very hard to get to this point and we are saddened that they are not able to receive every opportunity to celebrate in a way that all prior seniors have.  However, we want our Seniors to know that they have accomplished a major milestone in their lives and we will not rest until they are honored for these accomplishments.