Career & Technical Education

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils. ~ Ever Garrison



Teacher Program Area Email Website
Mrs. Mary H. Phillips, M.ED CTE, Instructional Management Coordinator
Career Development Coordinator
Special Populations Coordinator
Phone: 336-242-1527
Ext. 1112
Mr. Keith Au Technology, Engineering, & Design Education Mr. Au's Website
Mr. Lynn Butts Computer Engineering Tech Networking Mr. Butts’ Website
Mrs. Elizabeth Cross Family & Consumer Science Education Mrs. Cross' Website
 Sergio Cruz Business Education Mr. Cruz's Website
Dr. James Duncan Business Education Mr. Duncan's Website
Ms. Evelyn Ford Family & Consumer Science Education Ms. Ford's Website
Ms. Yasmean Graham Family & Consumer Science Education

Technology, Engineering & Design Education Ms. Graham's Website
Ms. Joyce Hargrave Business Education Ms. Hargrave Website
Mr. Jeff Mahoney Construction Mr. Mahoney's Website
Mrs. Barbara Pendergrass Business Education
Mrs. Pendergrass' Website
Mr. Gregory Wearing Business Education
Mr. Wearing's Website

Health Science
Health Team Relations